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The Bun Loeung School of Music

With help from the Bush Foundation, Bun Loeung traveled to Cambodia to buy instruments for teaching traditional music

to anyone in the Twin Cities who would like to learn. We offer instruction in khim, tro-sau, tro-u, sko, tahke, roneat, and even chhing.

We have some dedicated students!

Traditionally, Cambodian music is taught by ear from teacher to student, however we are also offering each piece in sheet music in

Western notation, solfege, Chinese notation and a type of tablature created specifically for beginners on tro.

This instruction is offered free of charge.

The students and teachers of the school perform extensively in the community, including schools, houses of worship, nursing homes and theatrical performances.

Loeung teaching the khim. Scroll down for more pictures of our students.


Loeung's dream was to preserve the art of traditional Cambodian ceremonial music, quickly disappearing

because Cambodia's traditional musicians and dancers were systematically singled out for extermination by the Khmer Rouge.

Use these files to learn and practise:

Sheet Music in PDF format:
A Rum Paipet for Roneat or Khim; A Rum Paipet for Tro-sau; A Rum Paipet for Tro-U (added 5/10/09)

Beh Pkah for Tahke or Khim; Beh Pkah for Tro-sau; Beh Pkah for Tro-U (added 5/10/09)

Bok Srou for Roneat or Khim; Bok Srou for Tro-sau; Bok Srou for Tro-U

Bun Loeu Kmai for Roneat or Khim; Bun Loeu Kmai for Tro-sau; Bun Loeu Kmai for Tro-U

Candle Dance for Roneat or Khim; Candle Dance for Tro-Sau; Candle Dance for Tro-U (added 11/18/07)

Chom Kroom for Roneat or Khim; Chom Kroom for Tro-sau; Chom Kroom for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

Coconut Dance for Roneat or Khim; Coconut Dance for Tro-sau; Coconut Dance for Tro-U

Jahw Dawk for Roneat or Khim; Jahw Dawk for Tro-sau; Jahw Dawk for Tro-U

Jan-2 for Roneat or Khim; Jan-2 for Tro-sau; Jan-2 for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

Klen Kra-oap for Roneat or Khim; Klen Kra-oap for Tro-sau; Klen Kra-oap for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

Kmai Merl Prea Chan for Roneat or Khim; Kmai Merl Prea Chan for Tro-sau; Kmai Merl Prea Chan for Tro-U (added 5/10/09)

Kmai Pohdisaht for Roneat or Khim; Kmai Pohdisaht for Tro-sau; Kmai Pohdisaht for Tro-U (added 5/10/09)

Konsaing Sne for Roneat or Khim; Konsaing Sne for Tro-sau; Konsaing Sne for Tro-U (added 5/10/09)

Merl Make for Roneat or Khim; Merl Make for Tro-sau; Merl Make for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

Mia Tup Doke for Roneat or Khim; Mia Tup Doke for Tro-sau; Mia Tup Doke for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

Ni-ar-ee Jeea Jooa for Roneat or Khim; Ni-ar-ee Jeea Jooa for Tro-sau; Ni-ar-ee Jeea Jooa for Tro-U (added 5/20/09)

Ni Saht for Roneat or Khim; Ni Saht for Tro-sau; Ni Saht for Tro-U

Nree Loong Wake for Roneat or Khim; Nree Loong Wake for Tro-sau; Nree Loong Wake for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

Nokoreach for Roneat or Khim; Nokoreach for Tro-sau; Nokoreach for Tro-U

Oak Tah Lay for Roneat or Khim; Oak Tah Lay for Tro-Sau; Oak Tah Lay for Tro-U (added 11/18/07)

Robam Pka for Roneat or Khim; Robam Pka for Tro-sau; Robam Pka for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

Sahm Say for Roneat or Khim; Sahm Say for Tro-sau; Sahm Say for Tro-U

Saht Galawehk for Roneat, Khim, Tahke or Tro-U; Saht Galawehk for Tro-sau (added 5/20/09)

Srey Kmahw for Roneat or Khim; Srey Kmahw for Tro-sau; Srey Kmahw for Tro-U

Tep Menoram for Roneat or Khim; Tep Menoram for Tro-sau; Tep Menoram for Tro-U

Toy Toy Toy for Roneat or Khim; Toy Toy Toy for Tro-sau; Toy Toy Toy for Tro-U (added 6/16/07)

The tro tablature numbers the fingers of the left hand. The fingers are numbered 1 through 4 from the pointer to the pinky.

On the score, the small numbers represent the inside (low pitch) string and the big numbers are the outside (high pitch) string.

This method helps beginners get up and running in no time.

Remember to tune the tro-sau so the inside string (lower pitch) is on Sol (G on the piano) and the outside string (higher pitch) is on Re (D on the piano).

Tune the tro-u so the inside string (lower pitch) is on Do (C on the piano) and the outside string (higher pitch) is on Sol (G on the piano).

Here are some clips to practise along with:

Bok Srou with roneat alone; Bok Srou with full ensemble

Ni Saht with full ensemble

Coconut Dance slow; Coconut Dance faster

Sahm Say

Srey Kmahw

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